About this BLOG

The main aim of starting this blog is to share basic knowledge of AGILE, SCRUM and  lessons learned by us while implementing agile practices in our software development division.  I am sure this will help professionals like you and me to develop Agile adoption road-map using SCRUM for development of  software products and custom applications.

We started following agile practice in  late 2007 not even knowing about it.  It happened naturally when i started thinking about the ways to get  recognition from business for my team members on their hard work and productivity improvement initiatives.

I realized that the appreciation come from business when we quickly deliver usable part of software modules having most business impact even if it is 10% of complete scope.  This thought process shifted our focus from traditional software development life cycle to business need based application development.

We started asking key stakeholders to specify business value/benefits which they intend to meet by implementing software application. Now, our focus was to deliver functionality having greatest business impact in first phase instead of delivering entire application in one go.

This is how we started our Agile journey.  Today, we have five certified scrum masters leading our software product development and custom application development initiatives.

Sunil Pandey